Our Farewell Dinner: The Ticho House

Dateline: Sunday, Sept. 29, pm

Since this is our last day, we have to head to the airport after dinner.  Several of us have flights later tonight (11pm or later) and some are staying in Israel for a few extra days.  Tomorrow night, Monday, is the final performance of the Light project and several of our delegation are staying to see it open in Jerusalem.   It’s at the Gerard Behar Center, now a gorgeous theater, but earlier in it’s life, it was the site of the trial of Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann.  Some of us were not able to stay for it.   We will add another blog  once we collect the experiences and stories from those who attend.

Therefore, our dinner tonight is our last official event of our tour, and our tour organizers didn’t disappoint.  We had dinner at the Little Jerusalem Restaurant in the Anna Ticho House.  Anna was a local artist and her paintings were on display.  The house is part of the Israel Museum.   The meal was great (as always) with not only a number of choices and some great wine, but a private room and a nice, formal setting.

IMG_2858But what made this dinner special was the closeness of all of our delegation.  We came to Israel initially as two groups…the Ballet Austin group and the Jewish Community group, but we leave as one cohesive, special group who has shared so many experiences together in Israel.   It was a beautiful ending to our experience.



2 thoughts on “Our Farewell Dinner: The Ticho House

  1. Keri – what a beautiful gift you have given all of us who are following your blog. thank you for taking us along with you on your journey to Israel!!!

  2. I loved reading your adventures. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

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